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Develop competitive advantages with Gen AI, unique to your company, with the team you already have.

Three easy steps you can take, right now.

AI Makerspace is passionate about helping AI team leaders avoid distractions, see through the hype, and shorten their path to transformation.

Fully understanding the 3 primary patterns of Gen AI, will put you and your team on the path to deploying dev-ready apps, consistently, efficiently, and profitably.

Lesson 1: Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG)

Intro >> 1-minute overview

Go Deeper >> Details matter

Tutorial  >> Build your first RAG

Lesson 2: Large Language Model (LLM) Agents

Intro >> 2 minute overview

Go Deeper >> Full course deep dive

Tutorial  >> Build an Agentic RAG app

Lesson 3: Fine-Tuning Architecture

Intro >> 1 minute overview

Go Deeper >> Full course deep dive

Tutorial  >> Fine tune your LLM

Once the basics are covered, it’s time to get your team into our next AI Engineering Bootcamp.
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“Grounding multiple team members in a common set of language, tooling, and best practices, can dramatically accelerate the pace at which a team can develop and deploy enterprise AI solutions.”

Colin Davis, Director of Analytics

We have helped leaders just like you transform their teams.

Corporate budgets for generative AI are skyrocketing! The pressure on team leaders of knowing what to build, how to build it, how to properly convey the returns, and maintainting the right technical talent, is higher than ever before.

That’s why team leaders and students from the most advanced companies in the world, turn to the AI Engineering Bootcamp from AI Makerspace.

"The AI Engineering bootcamp... has significant advantages for enterprise data teams. After having multiple team members complete the bootcamp, our approach to Generative AI projects has become more streamlined and effective, leading to faster prototyping. I strongly recommend this course to any data professional or team eager to upgrade their Gen AI skills and drive impactful innovation within their organization."

Colin Davis

Director of Analytics, Forbes Top 50 Private Company

"Greg and his team were able to make complex subject matter easy to digest and very engaging. In just a few weeks time we were able to complete widely divergent projects to develop AI apps to solve healthcare challenges."

Zachary Arose

Healthcare Technology Manager, US Dept. of Veterans Affairs

"AI Makerspace excels where others have come up short, empowering data scientists with the vital practical skills to flourish within the AI landscape. Through collaborations with industry trailblazers, they guarantee a concentration on the most pertinent and crucial expertise. They bring people up to speed on a subject that never slows down."

Dr. Steven Gawthorpe

Associate Director, Berkeley Research Group LLC.

"I cannot say enough good things about AI Makerspace. I would absolutely recommend this course to a friend or co-worker. I am very excited to be part of the AIM community ongoing."

Erin Lyman

Founder, Code Sprinkles

"What a community that is being built from the ground up, on the cutting-edge, with enthusiasm. They have attracted a special group of practitioners and are selective in the process. At the intersection of data science, machine learning engineering, and MLOps comes the current future of LLMOps and building what’s next in this space."

Todd Deshane

CEO, Intersecto, LLC.

"AI Makerspace is the best game in town for AI Engineering Leaders looking to put some rigor behind their operations and organizational design decisions. AI's a team sport and to flourish and win requires getting everyone to row in the same direction. This knowledge facilitates building optimal teams and processes that can ensure predictable and successful AI roadmaps and associated growth for your companies."

Jonathan Hodges

Head of AI & Machine Learning, Userpilot

“Before the cohort ended, we were already putting an agentic prototype into our dev environment, similar to our final Demo Day project. It was amazing to see how fast the team put this together using most of the tooling and best practices learned in class”
– AI Team Leader from the AIE Bootcamp

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